Otoscopic examination on a woman for ETI training videos.

Training videos: ETI

Eduplex Training Institute training videos. Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) contacted us in 2014 to produce all the training videos for the courses they presented. This exciting project was for over two years. One of the courses focused on the inclusion of hearing impaired learners in a mainstream school environment. For this particular course, ten authors …

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Collage of members of the band performing in the 'One mistake' music video by Zikedish.

“One Mistake”

Our first Rock/Gospel music video. We had a great time filming the “One Mistake” music video and enjoyed every moment of the guys’ energy and passion – doing what they love! This original Heavy Rock/Gospel music video features the talents of Francois Nortje (drums & vocals), Christoff De Beer (vocals), Wikus Klinkert (guitar) & Riaan …

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