“Samson had no muscles”

Behind-the-scenes: “Samson had no muscles.

Zikedish’s Dawie le Hanie has been chosen to be one of the main editors for the film; “Samson had no muscles.” It is a film by the multi-talented Jacques Gombault. Jacques himself will be taking on three roles in this exciting and uplifting children’s adventure film with a Biblical message. Not only is he the director and writer, but he will also bring the part of the cyborg to life as only he can.

The actors

Alongside Jacques, there will also be other seasoned actors like Paul Buckby and Inge Pohl-Culbert. Loads of exciting newcomers like Pero Britz and Jarrod Haines will be making their debut in this film.

Filming and post-production

The film was shot during May 2015 at the beautiful Galagos estate east of Pretoria. Louis Gagiano is the Director of Photography and has created a real energetic look and feel shooting with a superb Sony 4K camera. Zikedish’s good friends at Ghurtah studios will handle all the exciting 3D animation. Besides being responsible for a lot of the film’s editing work, Dawie also filmed some of the crane scenes, extras and behind-the-scenes footage for the film.

Jacques’ company, Flutterby productions, is producing the film. As we understand, the release of the film depends on the completion of the 3D animation and the securing of extra funding. We, however, felt privileged to have been a part of this project and wish Jacques and everybody involved all the best!

P.S. We also want to thank Johan Pretorius for the use of these excellent photographs by him.

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