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What is Zikedish?

Zikedish is a dynamic, diverse company operating in the spheres of video production and education. Our company consists of two divisions – Studio & Education.


Video productions. Film services

Our studio specializes in the production of training videos, visual effects, and compositing. We deliver a full complement of post-production services to the independent film and video industry.


Learn. Empower yourself

This division specializes in the development of educational material aimed at school-going children. Our mathematics courses are available through our ClassroomEducation brand.

Passion for our clients

Whether you are an individual or a big business – we treat each client’s project with the same positive energy and immaculate attention to detail.  We want to resolve your problems and add value to your product or business. You can say we are pretty passionate about our clients and what they do!

Do you have an idea for a training course?

Do you have an idea for a training course, but don’t have the money or knowledge to do it? Reach out to us, and let’s see if we can make it work.