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Our Education division’s services

Zikedish Education is currently developing a range of mathematical educational materials and videos.

We also deliver consultancy services by assisting schools with the professional development of their mathematics teachers and focus on topics such as professional teacher identity, teachers’ beliefs, and their instructional practices.

Professional teacher identity

We determine how teachers see themselves, i.e., subject matter experts, carers, and teaching and learning experts.

Teachers’ beliefs

Here we focus on the mathematics teachers’ views and their mental models of teaching and learning mathematics.

Teachers’ instructional practices

Quality instructional practices depend on what the teacher brings to the classroom and includes a supportive climate for the learner and deep content, higher-order thinking tasks. Zikedish Education assists mathematics teachers herewith.

Our courses

We are launching our own exciting Mathematics courses for Grades 7 – 12, both in Afrikaans and English, early 2020. We would like to keep you up to date about our launch dates. If you are interested, please be so kind as to complete our handy contact form below and be one of the early birds and receive a special discount!

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