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Eduplex Training Institute training videos

Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) contacted us in 2014 to produce all the training videos for the courses they presented. This exciting project was for a duration of over two years.

One of the courses focused on the inclusion of hearing impaired learners in a mainstream school environment. For this particular course, there were ten authors combining their knowledge and skills. We believe this course will assist teachers teaching hearing impaired learners in a normal school environment tremendously.

We also created training material for an acoustician programme aimed at audiologists. Topics such as the impact of hearing loss, Goldenhar syndrome and the various hearing tests and instruments were addressed in the videos. The true story of a little girl’s struggle with hearing impairment and the road ahead of her touched us deeply.

For the Eduplex Training Institute training videos, we made ample use of green screen technology and motion animation. Our signature use of beautiful camera depth of field complimented the factual content and stories we told.

Zikedish felt honoured and proud to be part of this project, as we know the videos will also serve a bigger purpose in the long run – helping people who are hearing impaired.

Zikedish completed a series of educational training videos for our on-line programmes. All projects were enthusiastically received. The planning, filming and delivery of the videos were executed with precision. Zikedish showed great interest and understanding of the content and our individual company needs. It was a pleasure working with Dawie.Elmé SeleshoProgram Coordinator, ETI

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